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kategória konferencia beszámoló / conference report
dátum 2017.01.01
helyszín Budapest
esemény Ilyefalvi Emese: ISFN BNN e-Newsletter V. 2017
leírása A three-day international conference was held on the anthropology of religion in Budapest at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) Research Centre for the Humanities, Institute of Ethnology from 5th to 7th May 2017 organized by Prof. Éva Pócs and supported by the ERC Project Vernacular religion on the boundary of Eastern and Western Christianity: continuity, changes and interactions (№ 324214). The conference entitled Present and Past. Contemporary and historical perspectives in the anthropological study of religious life aimed to negotiate methodological problems: how is it possible to examine the past with the help of the present, and vice versa? The main goal of the conference was to discuss the various relationships between the past and the present in the light of the anthropology of religion and of religious studies in general. [...]
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